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Illustration is a friendly and personal approach to solving problems and communicating powerful messages. Ideas can be very complex but with illustration you can add a quirky human touch that will render complexity into awesome storytelling.

Graphic design can help establish a consistent visual language that incorporates both illustrations and other design elements (such as typography, color schemes, and layout). This ensures that the overall presentation remains coherent and reinforces the intended message or brand identity. 


Commissioning illustrations, will help your business stand out from the crowd while also creating brand awareness and familiarity through visual storytelling.

Hiring an illustrator for commissioned work, means you’ll be purchasing an exclusive licence to use custom made artwork. 

What kind of service are you interested in?


Logo / Brand identity 


Website creation


Editorial illustrations


Illustrated logos & anything related to branding.

Wix sites with a taylormade illustrated template or flexibility to work alongside a developper to create content.

2D animation

Other / Collaterals

Short films using frame by frame animation & motion graphics. Illustrated storyboards.

Illustrations for presentations, special events, you tell me.

Illustrations for books, children's books, magazines & blogs.


Personal commission

This could be a special portrait (of yourself, loved ones, your pet) or a unique composition to celebrate a special occasion.

Fancy having a chat? Hit the button below to tell me about what you need:

(Price based on request)




(Please note prices may vary depending on the demands of each client)

Mini Branding Kit

What's included?

Mood-board with 2 art direction concepts to choose from.

Bespoke illustrated logo

Complimentary versions (icon, watermark, text only, monochromatic).

Bespoke palette colour

Bespoke choice of fonts 


Basic stationary

3 Revisions

Style guide

Exclusive commercial copyright licence


Branding Kit + Website

What's included?

Mini Branding Kit 

Bespoke website with wire-frames & a storytelling strategy designed to function in Wix.

Original branded imagery for 5 pages of content (1 large & 1 small illustration per page, 1 pattern, set of icons) 

An easy to use template to edit the website when required. 

Exclusive commercial copyright licence for illustrated elements. 


Social Media Bundle

(To go with one of the packages above)

What's included?

Series of posts inspired by the new brand identity.

Profile pictures


Highlight icons for Instagram

Style guide

Online exclusive copyright license


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