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Educational digital children's book illustrations

commissioned by Hill+Knowlton Strategies for Arla UK.


The book tells the story of Jonny, a dairy farmer and his sweet curious cow Jelly going around the farm and exploring the many wonders surrounding their countryside lifestyle. 


I live in the Lake District surrounded by countryside life and love educational books, so I found that working on this project was pure bliss for I could connect with the characters contemplative attitude and be mesmerised by the sustainable philosophy behind Arla’s farms. 

The book was designed based on the fact that 1 in 5 school children don’t understand where food, including milk, comes from. To address this problem, Arla came up with the idea of creating a special storybook about the life of a real dairy farmer and his cow. My job was to illustrate these two special characters and bring to life their world in a way in which children would enjoy learning about it.


The book is FREE to download and as part of Arla’s commitment to supporting children’s understanding and access to dairy nutrition, they will provide 15,000 healthy breakfasts to help feed vulnerable children in the UK. For every download of the book Arla will also make a donation to Magic Breakfast, to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn.


Grab a copy, read about Arla and share it with whoever you think might enjoy a countryside tale - To me this book represents one of the most important highlights of 2020 and I feel very lucky knowing it’s now part of my story as an illustrator.

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